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 Boxing Fitness Fectory

Real Boxing training and workouts for West Los Angeles.

"Mayweather" style Boxing Training

      Boxing Fitness Factory is one the few gyms in the country that can teach the technical mitt work (pad work) that is taught by Roger Mayweather in their famous Mayweather Boxing Club in Las Vegas.

      This type of Boxing training helps a fighters ability to relax in the ring, develop counter punching skills, and throw a higher volume of punches. Even if you're not a competitive boxer impleting this type of program into your workout will help you burn more calories and not to mention makes the workout fun and enjoyable.

Right here in West Los Angeles you can train just like the great Floyd Mayweather Jr. Hits the pads like a champ and wow all your friends.

Mayweather style Mittwork training @ Boxing Fitness Factory

Floyd Mayweather Jr: Timing and inches! {}

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is seen here in training with Uncle and head trainer Roger Mayweather doing mitt work. *This is dated footage from 2009. We have never ran this particular footage before but i...