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 Boxing Fitness Fectory

Real Boxing training and workouts for West Los Angeles.

BoxingFitFactory break down of subscriber fight footage

@ subscribers often purchase fight analysis packages"Advanced Boxing Defense" and "Kids Only" Boxing Instructional DVD's or Revolutionary Mp3 Audio Boxing Trainer 1 & ...

"Remote" Boxing Training-

    We get alot of requests from around the world for training advice or specific instructional videos. Boxing Fitness Factory understands that not everyone can make it to West Los Angeles to train with us, so we started our "Remote" Boxing training program. No matter where you are in the world you can request for an individualized instructional DVD, a breakdown of your filmed workouts/fights, or a custom workout.

    Many of you fight with different styles, have different body types and may not have immediate access to a Boxing trainer in your area. Whatever problem you'd like to resolve or skill you'd like to develop Boxing Fitness Factory can help you. Contact [email protected] for more details and prices for certain projects.

Analysis of 5-8 rounds

Personal Boxing breakdown

Analysis 9-12 rounds

Personal Boxing Breakdown