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 Boxing Fitness Fectory

Real Boxing training and workouts for West Los Angeles.

Audio Boxing Trainer


Revolutionary training product for boxers technique,speed like Mayweather, Pacquiao

Product to help boxing speed, technique, endurance.

Revolutionary Boxing Trainer

Audio Cd / MP3 downloadable Boxing Workout/Training system. 8 -3min rounds and 4- 2min cardio rounds with your trainer calling out punch combinations and boxing commands. Your boxing skills will be sharpened while getting in great shape. The rounds are over instrumentals of today's hottest artists like, Jay-Z, Kayne West, Snoop Dogg etc. This workout can be performed anywhere. No need to stand infront of a T.V. You can shadow box in the park, hit the heavy bag at the gym, anywhere you want to get a great workout and look like the pro's. Put it on your Ipod or throw in your cd player. The workout is 40 minutes so you can burn fat and tone muscle.

Audio Boxing Trainer