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 Boxing Fitness Fectory

Real Boxing training and workouts for West Los Angeles.

Kids Boxing Training Los Angeles @ Boxing Fitness Factory pt.1

****Kids class every Saturday 4-5pm******"Advanced Boxing Defense" and "Kids Only" Boxing Instructional DVD's or Revolutionary Mp3 Audio Boxing Trainer 1 & 2 @ P...

Kids Boxing & Fitness Class

It's important to insure your child is not only mentally successful but also physically fit and healthy for life. We offer sports specfic training, team training, bootcamps, weight training and any other program that can enhance your childs sports performance and physical health.

*Kids Boxing and Athletic development class is held every Saturday @ 4pm in the West Los Angeles location. The children will learn boxing basic punches, defense, and techniques. We will have them hitting the mitts, heavy bags, shadow boxing, and most other traditional boxing exercises. In addition to Boxing the kids will go through conventional exercises which includes weight lifting, hopping hurtles, running stairs and much more. They will become confident and find a new joy in exercising.

Private and semi-private session are also availible for children of all ages. Whether your child plays soccer, basketball, football, or any sport we can make sure they are in optimal condition physically and mentally when game-time arrives.

The children will be introduced to weight training, stretching, dieting and the mental side of performing during competition.

It's never too early get a child ready for a life of routine exercise and a proper diet.